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What is Virtual Babysitting?
The virtual realm is now a part of our everyday life. Whether it is communicating with family and friends through video calls, or using a variety of streaming platforms, or scrolling through the endless internet, technology keeps us connected. With many kids spending more time at home, it may be difficult for working parents to find the focus needed to accomplish tasks. Parents may also be looking for different kinds of entertainment, enrichment, and opportunities for their children that does not involve direct contact. Virtual babysitting is different from traditional babysitting. The traditional task of keeping children safe and fed, and getting them to bed on time has transformed into captivating a child’s attention and engaging her imagination.
How do I know my child is safe?
Virtual Babysitters Club provides trustworthy comfort for busy working parents! Parents can monitor their child during the session via mobile device. Safety is of the utmost importance, so please remember, that although virtual babysitting is a fantastic opportunity to engage children during these times, no virtual sitter can be 100% responsible for them remotely through a screen.
How is Virtual Babysitters Club different?
Virtual Babysitters Club has invented a much needed and new form of interactive child entertainment. We offer what you need: healthy and engaging kid-centered entertainment to give you worry-free time to get things done. The entire entertainment industry came to a halt in March, 2020 leaving thousands of performers unemployed. Virtual Babysitters Club has gathered the best of the best in the entertainment industry, including actors, singers, dancers, musicians, puppeteers, entertainment hosts, artists, magicians, designers and more. Our programs are specifically designed to provide engaging entertainment and creative learning opportunities for different age groups. Parents can rest easy with this healthier alternative to mind-numbing, passive video games, movies, and TV. Virtual Babysitters Club connects parents-at-home with top-tier performers who come right to your screen to entertain your child. From one-on-one sessions, to small group sessions, to large group parties, Virtual Babysitters Club can offer you a variety of options for virtual “sitting”. A dash of world class entertainment is always guaranteed!
What safety measures has Virtual Babysitters Club taken in selecting performers who will interact with your child?
Virtual Babysitters Club top priority is the safety of our participants. We have vetted each and every one of our performers personally. Not only must all Virtual Babysitters Club performers complete the onboarding process by our staff, but they must pass a background check by our partnered company Selection (www.Selection.com.) This way we can ensure that all of our Virtual Babysitters Club performers are of the best quality possible.
How can I book a session?

Check out the “Daily Calendar Availability” section of our website. From there, you can select your desired session type, day, time, and performer.

What happens after I book a session?

After booking is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with your URL to join your session. If you do not receive an email, please check the spam folder, or email us at clientservices@virtualbabysittersclub.com. You will receive a 24-hour and 1-hour reminder email that includes your session URL. Once it is time for your session, click the URL link in your confirmation or reminder email. You will be directed to a Zoom waiting room where a Virtual Babysitters Club performer will let you in after confirming registration. To reduce technical delays, make sure you have the most current version of Zoom and turn on audio and video prior to your session.

How can Virtual Babysitters Club help your organization?

Utilize our services through our Employer Partnership Subscription Program so that your organization’s employees can focus on the task at hand while supporting our incredible network of out-of-work performers. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

What is Virtual Babysitters Club’s cancellation/ rescheduling policy?

Refunds will only be issued for sessions that are rescheduled or canceled at least 12 hours before the session’s start time in order for our performers to have enough time to reschedule the hour that was reserved.

How can I reset the password for my Virtual Babysitters Club account?

You can reset the password for your VBC account by visiting the link https://acuityscheduling.com/forgotpass.php


Why is the scheduling filter not working for me?

Our scheduling filter located on our Daily Calendar Availability page works best on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. If you are having issues with the filter, try switching to one of the browsers listed above. If you continue to experience problems, email us at clientservices@virtualbabysittersclub.com.

Are you a performer and would like to apply?

If you are a performer and would like to apply, Click here to fill out an application. 

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