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“Dusty and Dott have been a beacon of joy in my son’s life. With the pandemic going on, the social distancing and isolation have made it hard to be 6 years old. I signed Elliot up for Storytime with Dusty and Dott, I have not seen him smile and laugh like that in ages. It literally brought tears to our eyes watching him light up. I’ve since signed him up for Smarty Pants Trivia and as many Storytime sessions as we can squeeze in our schedule. Dusty and Dott really engage the kids, and I mean REALLY engage them. They ask questions, learn their names, remember things they like and really personalize every session. And they’re super funny to boot, my wife and both find ourselves laughing at the conversations. Elliot always asks when he gets to see them next. It’s simply endearing. I cannot thank you enough for your talent and humor and compassion. You are both amazing!  We look forward to seeing you soon!!”